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Gottingen Hospital

In addition to the specific tasks of a teaching hospital - training of students, fundamental and clinical research - the University Hospital Göttingen with its 1460 beds is the only hospital that offers maximum care in southern Lower Saxony, and thus fulfills very extensive duties in public health care in the region. About 7000 employees ensure comprehensive patient care. The University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) is the largest employer in the region and, due to the affiliation of eight schools for allied health professions, is one of the most important training providers in the region.

Raigmore Hospital

Raigmore hospital is the only acute district hospital serving the population of the Highlands and has been based on the site since 1941.

Raigmore Hospital consists of 8 floors. These floors house Teaching Facilities, a Theatre Suite of 9 Operating Theatres, a 7 bed Intensive Care Unit (with capacity to flex up to 8 beds), a 4 bed Coronary Care Unit, a Maternity Unit, Chest Unit and a Renal Unit; all of which are serviced by comprehensive support services.

Raigmore currently has 452 beds and employs approximately 2809 staff.